An email exchange server can be accessed anywhere from any device

An email exchange server can be accessed anywhere from any device

These days, most businesses already have their websites. With the competitive market that we have today, it is a must for businesses to have an online presence in order to be successful in their industry. In addition to that, businesses must also make use of various business software in order to operate and run their businesses in a more effective manner.

One of the software that is currently used by a  lot of businesses today is the email exchange server. With this software, businesses are secured and business management is easily facilitated.

Today, this type of software is being utilized by a huge number of successful businesses for a lot of good reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that it helps a lot in simplifying the communication thereby enhancing the operations of the business. With that in mind, people who are new to this kind of software must have an understanding about how and why it is beneficial to every business.

Features of Email Exchange Server Hosting

A typical email exchange server account is one like this one found at Act Now Domains that comes with a variety of useful features.   An email exchange server provides an easy to use corporate messaging system which contains an email program, groupware applications as well as a mail server.  It acts as both the mail server as well as the collaboration server.

Another feature of hosted exchange services is that it helps people in the company exchange different kinds of information and data such as calendars, address book, meeting schedules as well as appointment books from anywhere using any device (most companies offer multi-device capability but not all).   In addition, this system allows you to schedule and see proposed meetings and access your corporate email even if you are outside the office.

Each company that offers exchange hosted services may provide slightly different features within a hosted exchange account and some may charge for upgrades whereas other companies include it for free.

Why go for an Email Exchange Server?

A lot of business owners are opting to use such type of hosting these days and there are a lot of good reasons for them to do so.  First of all, it helps  save money on software costs since the hosting system already comes with MS Outlook which can be expensive to purchase licenses for if you wanted to do this on your own.

Another big reason is that it will not only reduce IT hardware costs since most exchange hosted services can sell the service much cheaper than you can put it together on your own but it also saves you the IT hassle of having to have someone on call or on staff that can install, maintain and troubleshoot the hardware and software.

Security is also another reason to choose to go with a hosting service that offers the email exchange server.  Do you want to be responsible for staying on top of the latest viruses and malware and continuously updating the patches these require or would you rather someone else do that for you for cheaper than you could do it yourself?

Last but definitely not the least, it is quite easy and fast to setup if you go with a hosting service that provides an email exchange server package.

So, if you have more than a couple of people in your office and you want people to be able to be able to access their meetings and calendars from their smart phone, table or home computer and have that be safe, secure and affordable then an email exchange server that is hosted is the best option for you.

  1. How many users are currently availing your service? As much as possible, service provider must have a lot of clients as it signifies stable business. If they only have a handful, you better start questioning the company’s stability.
  2. Are you financially stable?  You wouldn’t want a provider who would just suddenly vanish in the middle of everything. If they do, this will surely affect and compromise the activities of your Exchange and may even result to company los.
  3. What are the comments of your current clients? The most reliable information regarding the service provider is none other than their current or existing clients.  If they are really satisfied with the service, they’ll happily recommend the provider. Contrary is expected if the service provider was not able to meet their expectation.
  4. Do you have properly trained technical staff? Make sure that your provider has employed Microsoft-certified staff. Knowing this will make you feel more at ease. Whenever you encounter a problem, you are sure that you can consult someone who is an expert on that field.
  5. What additional services do you offer? It will be better if your service provider has a wide range of activity that can be performed. If this is the case, you can avail all their services. You can save your time, money and effort. You can a lot all of these to other areas to further improve your business.
  6. What happens to after-hours users? Employees access their emails whenever they want to. If this is the case, you would want a service provider that is still active 24/7.
  7. Can you support mobile email users? The number of people who access their mails thru mobile phones is rapidly increasing. Your service provider must be flexible enough to accommodate mobile emails users.
  8. Do you have Microsoft Exchange 2010? Microsoft Exchange 2010 is among the most widely used email host service. If your prospect does not have one, you have to inquire if they are capable or willing in case you decided to have an upgrade.
  9. How long is your average on-hold time? No one wants to be put on-hold for a very long period of time. You have to inquire from the service provider the average time that they usually allot for it. If they are unable to answer this basic question, better remove them from your list.
  10. Can you support my growth? There will come a time that due to success your business will undergo a vast expansion. Your service provider must be able to support the growth of your business. They should be able to provide the various needs of your company for expansion.